b'Hole by Hole Guide Hole 4Sunset, 427yds Par 4A long and strong par 4 into the prevailing wind! The hole requires a strong drive, but having achieved Hole 1Leyburn Road, 270yds Par 4 this there are still problems with an accurate long A classic risk and reward par 4 to open yourshot required to make the green which is totally round. This is not a long hole but is not one for thesurrounded by trees and slopes from left to right. faint-hearted. The pond which is short and left of theDespite having no bunkers this hole is one of the green will catch any mishit drive. There is also out oftoughest on the course.bounds to the right which, with the prevailing wind blowing left to right, is always a consideration whenHole 5 The Oaks, 352yds Par 4using a driver. A cautious approach using 2 irons isA short par 4 but accuracy is everything as the hole often bene cial. dog-legs left at around 200 yards. Your drive passes a Hole 2Beckside, 498yds, Par 5 copse of large old oaks to a fairwayanked by trees A tough par 5, with a beck and out of bounds all theleft and a ditch right. The ditch then meanders across way up the right. The beck meanders back across thethe front of the green which means your second shot is hole short of the green which is further protected bythen played over the ditch and up to an elevated green. bunkers to the right and left of the front of the green.The green is further protected on the left hand side by Big hitters might attempt to get over in twotwo bunkers front and back. A deceptively awkward but beware. hole.Hole 3Dingly Dell, 408yds Par 4 Hole 6Pump House, 341yds Par 4This par 4 is stroke index 1. A tight drive throughA testing par 4 with a tee set back in the trees with a trees, with out of bounds to the right, and the dinglyvisually intimidating mound to the right housing the dell to the left. The second shot requires accuracyirrigation system pump house. The hole requires a as, not only must you carry a ditch, to a low lyingdrive to the right side of the fairway to ensure a good green, you need to avoid the large tree to the left. look at all of the green, which is tucked behind a tall Interestingly to the right hand side of this fairwaycopse of trees on the left. Bunkers to the front left there are two plane trees which, it is suggested, are and to the right of the green will collect any wayward the most northerly in the UK. second shots.\x1b\x1a'