b'Hole 17Jubilee, 353yds Par 4This hole has a large copse to the left of the green which was planted to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. These trees together with the one Hole 15 The Reveller, 363yds Par 4 guarding the green on the right, make for a dif cult Named after a famous 18th Century racehorse, reputedapproach and it is essential that attention is paid to to be buried under the tee. All of the trouble on thisplacing your tee shot in the correct place. Add to this hole is on the right, out of bounds awaits stray teethe bunker to the right of the fairway and great shots, whilst wayward approach shots can fall downimagination is required tond a shot to the green.the large bank. Cherry trees planted on the bank above and to the left of the green offer some late round refreshment to both players and birds in the early part of summer.Hole 16Rough Shot, 153yds Par 3The last par 3 on the course and the shortest on the card, but dont be fooled by theyardage, if you miss this green getting up and down17th Holefrom one of the two bunkers or from the run-off Hole 18 The Ha-Ha, 383yds Par 4areas in front of the green is never an easy task. A greatnishing hole that plays up the hill towards This hole also has another ancient stone barn to thethe clubhouse with a slight dog-leg left to right. right of the hole which historically and currentlyThe name of the hole is derived from the ditch which serves as a livestock shelter. forms part of the boundary to the left of the hole and is the dividing line between the parkland attaching to Bedale Hall and the course. A good drive and a good approach are rewarded, anything that strays willnd trees to the right and out of bounds to the left of the green. Always a rewarding par tonish.\x1b\x18'