b'Juniors GolfThe Junior Section is an integral part of Bedale Golf Club. It enjoys the same bene ts as other members of the club, yet, at the same time, maintains its ownidentity.Junior members have a tee reservation most Saturdays for either a competition or just a fun round of golf. Beginners will have the opportunity to play with other Juniors with a handicap and this means that in just a short time you will qualify for yourrst Handicap Certi cate.Our Professional Coach, Steve Pearce, holds group coaching lessons speci cally for our junior members.Presentation Evening in December to collect their These lessons are generally held on a Saturday afternoonprizes.and at various times during the school holidays. The If you are keen to play golf for therst time, or if you lessons are an excellent opportunity to master the basicshave played as a Bedale Member previously, or are a or take your game to the next level. member elsewhere, why not come to Bedale and see The Junior Team plays in the Harrogate and Districtwhat we have to offer you. Perhaps we can turn you League against other clubs .Although these matches areinto the next Tiger Woods!quite competitive, they are also very good fun and are anIf this is something that sounds of interest I would love ideal way of meeting junior golfers from other clubs andto talk to you more. playing other courses in the region.There are Junior competitions to play during the yearSimply call Steve on 01677 422443 or email Matthew such as singles or pairs knock-outs and all the winnersat Matthew_Kettlewell@hotmail.co.uk and we can during the year are invited to attend Bedale Golf Clubtalk you through exactly what you can expect.\x19'